Now Available – Book Two! Jazzy’s Quest: What Matters Most

We’ve got great news – Jazzy’s second book is now available with your favorite transracial adoptee as the star!

What matters most to you? That’s what Jazzy needs to figure out when faced with some tough decisions. Is what matters most being invited to the coolest birthday party in town? Is it competing in an amazing Star Wars contest? Or is it helping a friend in need? Join Jazzy on her quest to discover what matters most.

Continuing the groundbreaking Jazzy’s Quest series, this compelling story explores friendship issues that are common in tween social circles, through the lens of 10-year-old adoptee, Jazzy Armstrong. Kids will relate to Jazzy’s search for belonging at school and at home. Written by Juliet C. Bond, LCSW and Carrie Goldman, with all-new illustrations by Jeff Weigel. To get your copy, click here!

Are you Adopted and Amazing?

This is amazing! “Jazzy’s Quest: Adopted and Amazing!” is an early reader that features a transracial adoptee as the heroine, Jazzy’s Quest, a new children’s early reader chapter book series for kids from bestselling authors Carrie Goldman and Juliet Bond, LCSW.

In America, there are about 135,000 children adopted each year, according to the Donaldson Adoption Institute. There are numerous children’s books written from the perspective of the adoptive parent, but there is nothing else out there for early readers written from the adoptee perspective. Click here to get yours!

What do you think of the Jazzy’s Quest series?

If you’ve read the Jazzy books, we would love to hear from you. What did your kids think of the story? Characters? Did they relate to the issues of adoption, foster care, friendship, or something else? We would appreciate your opinion, and we’d love to share them with our readers on this website. Thanks and have a very Jazzy day!