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Carrie Goldman & Juliet Bond

Carrie Goldman & Juliet Bond

Dear Reader,

As an adoptive mom and a children’s book writer, we knew that there weren’t many early chapter books about adopted kids. But imagine how surprised we were to find out that there was only one!

That’s when we decided to write the Jazzy’s Quest series. Jazzy is a fourth-grade girl who loves her family, but she still thinks it is hard to be adopted. Jazzy feels different from her parents and sisters, and she wants to find out what makes her special.

To help us create the character of Jazzy, we talked a lot to Carrie’s daughter, Katie, who is also adopted. Katie helped us understand how sometimes it can be painful to be the only adopted child in her family.

We also wanted to include diverse characters in our book, so Jazzy’s birth family is Latino, and her best friend, Alec, is a boy who uses a wheelchair. There are all different kinds of amazing people in this world, and children’s books should reflect that!

All our best,
Carrie Goldman and Juliet Bond